Play that funky music…

Wow. Did you ever have one of those days when you REALLY, truly, wholeheartedly didn’t want to be around yourself? Yeah, that was me today. Too often I cruise on auto-pilot, thinking I’m pretty much A-OK. Not excelling in the holiness department, mind you, but basically getting a “satisfactory” grade all around. And then there … [Read more…]

Oh man, that is incredible!

I don’t normally check “sitemeter,” but I will occasionally look from time to time to see where my “faithful few” come from (and believe me, I thank you all!). I just saw that someone found me after typing in: What faith believes that shrimp are cockroaches of the sea?That just made my day! I hope … [Read more…]


First, I would like to wish my Dad, my father-in-law, my husband, my brothers, and any and all dads out there who may possibly read this a Happy Father’s Day! We — your wives, children, siblings, and friends, thank you for being the strong, wonderful dads that you are. God bless you all for everything … [Read more…]

Where the heck are you?

If you’ve visited my blog lately and asked me that question, I thank you! I’m back. My husband has been out of town, and my parents graciously agreed to come down and help me out. In between sick kids, my dad who threw out his back, and running all the errands that I would normally … [Read more…]