We’re Back!!!

Thank you, one and all, for your prayers. We are FINALLY back from our trip. It was long… it was exhausting… and we had a lot of fun. The bad part was I had NO INTERNET ACCESS the entire time I was gone! Can you believe it? No email… no blogging… no checking out what’s … [Read more…]

Happiness is…

…a quiet house, a hot cup of tea, access to YouTube, and a couple of fun chick flicks to watch all by yourself. Pure bliss, I tell ya.

Adventures of Super Scuba and Granny, part 1

Subtitled: Fun with a camera on a rainy afternoon, which turned into Daddy’s Father’s Day book. Let us introduce you to our cast of characters. These are our heroes — Super Scuba and Granny… And these are our villians — the evil Leaf Man with Sparkles, the attack giraffe… …and the “too-cute-for-words” dragon, who is … [Read more…]