Our weekend

Christopher working on his last lesson… Hooray! He finished the book!(I can’t say enough about this book. It is wonderful! I have used it to teach all of my “readers” in the family — he’s #4. We now graduate to learning phonograms in a more structured order, and on to the Writing Road to Reading!) … [Read more…]

Please… read this post!

Written by Katherine over at Exhaling at Home entitled “Can a Mother Observe Lent?“ Wow. She writes: I’m a mom with 7 children. Small people need a lot of fuel and won’t eat small and simple meals; they also need snacks. My time is not my own, so I cannot devote the hours I’d like … [Read more…]

Hobbit House

Oh my goodness — a real hobbit house! This is beautiful! If I could, I would live in a place like this in a heartbeat — wouldn’t you? This appeals to me on so many different levels: the simplicity, the “naturalness” of the materials used, and the warm, secure, “cocoony” feeling that I would get … [Read more…]