Feast of the Archangels!

Today is the feast of the archangels: St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, and St. Michael. Thanks to the women at 4Real Learning, we got some wonderful ideas to celebrate this day. (My personal favorite was to make devil’s food cake and provide the kids with plastic hors d’oeuvre swords so they could “stab the devil,” so … [Read more…]

Movies, books, and more

So, what do you do when the whole family is down? You watch a heck of a lot of TV… read a lot of books… and take lots of naps. (then there’s the ridiculous amount of laundry I’ve done since this whole ordeal started, but we won’t get into that) Movies:Everything’s Illuminated. My husband and … [Read more…]

Further update

It’s not just a 48 hr bug. This virus just won’t let go. I’m going to take Thomas to the doctor’s office this afternoon. Please pray for this little guy.

We’re surviving…

Just in case anyone wanted an update. As of right now Thomas and I are recovering, and the rest of the family is down, down, down, with the notable exception of Sean, who somehow seems to have escaped all of this so far. He’s been a huge help to me — cooking soup, cleaning the … [Read more…]

Oh joy.

We are sick… well, make that yours truly and Thomas… but the rest will be sure to follow. One bad stomach virus + one bathroom + eight people = one really, really bad day for me. Prayers will be so greatly appreciated.

Comforting words

I have purposely avoided posting any opinions on the “latest Muslim outrage” because, frankly, there are so many bloggers out there who have written far more eloquently on the subject than I ever could. I highly recommend reading the many articles The Anchoress has about this subject, as well as this wonderful reminder from her: … [Read more…]

A Weekend of Reading!

I read two books this weekend: The Guardian, by Jane Hamilton, and Christ the Lord, by Anne Rice. The Guardian was a book that I bought (and read) about 12 years ago. As I was going through my books to see what I could get rid of (eek!), I picked this one up and decided … [Read more…]