Brotherly love

Yesterday my two youngest boys (Christopher and Thomas) were outside playing, when another two-year old boy decided to join them. All was well for a few minutes until the two-year old decided it was time to push Thomas around. Before I had the chance to step in an intervene, Christopher went right over, grabbed Thomas’ … [Read more…]

The Lure of the Saints — book #22

I found this one thanks to Julie D. at Happy Catholic. I will say that this was a highly interesting book. I was thrilled to see, from an “outsiders” point of view, the beauty of Catholic tradition. I am a cradle Catholic who spent several years searching (and attended a wonderful PCA church for 10 … [Read more…]

I love this kid!

Two great quotes from Christopher today! The first was this afternoon… C: Mommy, sometimes big people help little people, and some times little people can help big people. That’s just the way it works. Me: That’s right, Christopher! How did you get to be so smart at 4? C: Actually, I was pretty smart at … [Read more…]

More books finished!

#19: Women of Grace Bible study (Michaelann Martin). We (a few women from my parish) started a mothers Bible study. I found this to be a decent study to “start things off” — the author covers a variety of topics of interest to mothers, such as finances, being open to life, etc. I had two … [Read more…]

What a weekend!

It’s been a bit traumatic here this weekend (please notice that’s traumatic with a little “t”). On Saturday, we celebrated my dh’s birthday. Several of his family members came, including his 85 year old grandmother (who neither looks nor acts like a typical 85 yr old, I might add!) As in just about any situation … [Read more…]

Thank God for friends

You know, sometimes I just want to run away… for just a few minutes, mind you. I love my children, and I am thrilled to have the vocation of motherhood. Really. I am. But there are those days, when you just need a break for awhile… especially if you are a homeschooling mom, and are … [Read more…]

Forgive me

for the light blogging. It’s been a very needy, but grace-filled week (as opposed to last week, when dinglefritz here somehow forgot to pray for grace every morning, and then wondered why chaos rained down upon her all week…. duhhhhh). As I have been taking care of Marie, who has a cold, I have been … [Read more…]