My pedometer is my friend

According to my pedometer, I have walked 12,004 steps today. That translates into 4.54 miles, 392 calories. Take away the wonderful walk that my friend and I took this morning, and I’m still left with over TWO AND A HALF MILES just here in my little house! That is just unbelievable to me. No, I … [Read more…]

Every parents’ nightmare

Please pray for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family. Yesterday afternoon his youngest daughter, Maria, was accidentally run over and killed in her family’s driveway. My heart grieves for their family, and for all those who have experienced the loss of a child. It is simply incomprehensible to me. May God grant their family peace, … [Read more…]

Birthday update and answer to prayer

It started with a prayer the night before: “Lord, You know how birthdays can be disappointing for me, and I don’t want to be ungracious… so I’m just going to offer You all my disappointment. Please help me to smile tomorrow and really mean it.” WELL. Care to see what the Lord (and my family … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday to Me!

OK, it’s cheesy to wish myself a happy birthday, but birthdays are incredibly important to me. Now that I am solidly in the “40s” camp (well, not *technically* until 7:00 pm tonight… the 15th), they are still important… but a bit depressing as well. [how did I get to be in my 40s????] It’s probably … [Read more…]