Pray for us…

… as we and many of our friends here start homeschooling tomorrow! (Cheesy post, but I DID it… I posted every day this week, as I said I would! I hope I will be more faithful now that I’ve had a “kickstart,” but I can’t guarantee it. One day at a time, people!)

I DID IT!!!!

Praise the Lord, I did it! Seven (homeschool-aged) children.Seven different grades.At least 6 subjects per child. ALL PLANNED OUT FOR THE YEAR! That is such a HUGE load taken off my back! All I have to do now is generate goal sheets for each child (I’ve got them all except for the two oldest, I … [Read more…]

I’ve been busy…

10 jars of peach jam (the 10th one is already in the refrigerator. I think peach is the new favorite!)5 loaves of bread16 pints of diced tomatoes (the rest of the fruit is what I didn’t get to can today. Grace arranged it nicely for me!) So far, this is just one big learning adventure. … [Read more…]

Another book review

And another very quick post, seeing as I have guests that sleep in the office, and really wouldn’t appreciate my keeping them up at night with my typing! I haven’t finished this book yet, but Beauty for Truth’s Sake: On the Re-enchantment of Education seems to be saying EXACTLY what I was talking about a … [Read more…]

Short post tonight!

We have guests here… some of whom are staying in the office… so I cannot stay up and blog as I would like to. Therefore, for your listening pleasure, I offer you this: This is cleaning the house/folding laundry music at its finest! Take a moment… listen… and tell me if this isn’t just FUN … [Read more…]

A quick post… and a book review

I want you to know that I was already in bed when I remembered that I made a promise (of sorts) to blog every day… so here I am, back in the office, posting away! I just finished reading this book and I have to say that it was definitely a worthwhile read! For some … [Read more…]

The pressure’s on!

Monday evening and I have to blog AGAIN if I’m going to keep my promise! Maybe I can take this evening to fulfill another promise — this one I made to Beth over at Beautiful Day — and say a bit about what I learned at the homeschooling conference this year. This year I was … [Read more…]