Wish me luck!

I am actually (I can’t believe I’m saying this) attempting to read…. …are you ready?… Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I know, I know… the people who know me in real life are saying, “WHAT?? You hate 19th century literature!” And that is true. The melodrama and the way every conversation is so drawn … [Read more…]

Welcome to Fall!

It doesn’t really FEEL like fall (yet), but I have high hopes that soon the air will turn crisp and cool, and my favorite season will be underway! Fall… it just does something to me! I’m not sure why, but cool, overcast days in fall make me happier than any other time of the year. … [Read more…]

OK, everyone thank God with me

As I was writing the previous post (at 1:30 in the morning) I heard footsteps coming through the kitchen. I thought it was my husband, telling me that I should be getting to bed *grin*. Instead, it was my son Sean, who said, “Mom? Marie is stuck up in Reilly’s bed and can’t get down.” … [Read more…]

Did You See This?

It’s called The Journey Project. At first I thought it was a bit hokey (when I watched the video), but the final pictures that came out of The Journey Project are really… impressive. Click on each one to see what the artist is trying to say, and let me know what you think! [h/t Mark … [Read more…]

Weekend Wrap up

#1: We’re sick Sorry, guys. It’s been a week. We’ve all got some sort of virus over here. DH refuses to accept that it’s the swine flu, but seeing as it *is* running rampant through our town right now, I don’t find it quite so hard to believe that that is what we have. As … [Read more…]