Anne Rice

Here’s a wonderful article from Anne Rice on the topic of her faith and the trust that we as Christians are called to have in the Lord. Here’s just a brief excerpt:Why do I talk so much about this trust now? Because I think perhaps that with many Christians it is lacking, and in saying … [Read more…]

I knew I was challenged

Geography is one of my worst subjects, and this shows it:46 My brother could name 62… how about you? If that’s too hard, how about this one?37 Still sad. Many of the colors I typed in it didn’t “recognize,” so I want it stated that I DO know more colors than that! (do you not … [Read more…]

Happy Easter!

I hope all of you had a blessed and joyous Easter! We had a great time. Mass was a little bit earlier this Sunday, but thanks to my dh and his amazing ability to get up (and get us going as well) we were able to make it to the 7:45 AM Mass. Afterwards, it … [Read more…]

Good Friday

Collect: Lord, by shedding his blood for for us, your Son, Jesus Christ, established the paschal mystery. In your goodness, make us holy and watch over us always. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. (See Catholic Culture)

Sew Mama Sew

I’ve had this link in my sidebar for quite some time, but I wanted to bring it to your attention so you could see the GORGEOUS quilts everyone made for “quilt month.” What I love to see is the amazing creativity out there. Everyone’s taste is different, and how they express themselves through their art … [Read more…]


I want to thank Beth and Muddy Mama for these wonderful awards! I’ve been in sort of a “funk” lately, and this cheered me up! THANK YOU! I’d also like to thank (almost sounds like I’m accepting an Academy Award, doesn’t it?) all of you who check on my little blog regularly. It means so … [Read more…]

Personally, I’m shocked I scored THIS high…

You Are 50% Peaceful In general, you think the world’s a pretty great place – and you’re happy to be a part of it. Sometimes you struggle with life, but who doesn’t? You are quite level headed, though you have more inner angst than you’d like. How Peaceful Are You?