Green-eyed monster

I wasn’t going to write about this. I was just going to lay low for a day or two, allow the Lord to get me back on track, and then go on… But, my purpose in starting this was to share the highs and the lows of raising (and homeschooling) a large family on one … [Read more…]

Another great read

I just finished my 16th book of the year — Stalking the Divine by Kristin Ohlson. What a wonderful, fascinating book! The author is a fallen-away Catholic who finds herself captivated by the cloistered nuns who live and pray at the shrine of St. Paul’s in Cleveland. She wants to know how women can make … [Read more…]

Ah, the skirt issue…

I’m finding myself being hit once again with the “skirt issue.” Real Learning and a wonderful post at Sweetness and Light have brought up many good points. I’m hard-pressed to say where I stand on this issue, actually. I first encountered it when my oldest was only 3. As a stay-at-home Mom, I spent my … [Read more…]

Father Elijah

I just finished my 15th book of the year. Father Elijah, by Michael O’Brien, was a decent read. Not fantastic, but not abysmal either. After slogging through many apocalyptic novels in the past, this was refreshingly and unashamedly Catholic in its theology and in the actions of the characters. For that, I am grateful. My … [Read more…]

The love of brothers

Let me blog to the world about Christopher. A few days ago I was talking with a friend in my driveway while Thomas ran around, asking us every few seconds to watch him run FAST. You know the drill. Give him a half-hearted, “hey! that’s really great!” and get on with the conversation. Except that … [Read more…]

Shopping with little ones

Okay, I enjoy getting out by myself as much as the next person, but sometimes… sometimes… God whispers in my heart, and I recognize the wonderful opportunity I am given to go shoppng with my children… or maybe just a special trip with one of them. Today was just such a day. Normally, I don’t … [Read more…]

Here’s to my husband

My husband is an incredible man. For those of you who know me in “real life,” you can vouch that it is so. He is everything I could possibly ask for in a husband and in a father for my children. It is because of him that I returned to the Catholic faith. It is … [Read more…]

Trying to come up with a good name

I have the hardest time naming things! My doll that I slept with all during my childhood? Unnamed. (poor thing) Stuffed animals? Nope. Nothing but “hey you” or “that fluffy one over there.” Naming my children was so ridiculously hard for me. I agonized over all the possibilities, and never felt quite settled with any … [Read more…]