Just in case you were curious…

The results are in and — no surprise here — I’m carrying a boy. How did I know? Very simple… with girls, I throw up many, many times a day; with boys, I don’t. And with this pregnancy, other than a twinge or two of nausea, I’ve felt nothing. I haven’t been affected by smells… … [Read more…]


Dreams are fascinating things. I’ve been thinking about them over the past several days, due to the fact that I’m having lots of those weird dreams brought on by pregnancy hormones. (Does everyone else get those, too?) Normally, I have average dreams — nothing exciting or particularly remarkable about them. When I’m pregnant, however, I … [Read more…]

Be a Witness

“You just love the Lord, don’t you?” I turned around in the middle of the dairy section to see an employee that I have seen almost every weekend for over a year now, looking at me expectantly and smiling. I answered, “Yes… Yes, I do,” and he just grinned. “I could tell,” he said. He … [Read more…]

My Reminder

I need all the help I can get. I wish I could say that I remember “whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ…” (Phil. 1:27) all day long, but I don’t. Not even close. So I recently put this picture on my counter. I can’t say that it has … [Read more…]

A Story of Love

If you only read one blog post today… or this week… let it be this one from Enjoying the Small Things, as a mom shares her grief and joy at giving birth to a beautiful daughter who has Downs Syndrome. This is worth it, believe me. It’s a story that should be read by everyone. … [Read more…]