Please pray!

Long story short — Joseph just isn’t growing. I’m not sure if the problem is me or him, but at 4 months he is tiny, falling off the growth curve, and not showing any signs of improvement. I have to go again tomorrow for another weigh-in, and then we need to discuss what our options … [Read more…]

Anybody still here?

Anyone still reading this blog? If so, I thank you most profusely. I’ve just about given up on myself, here! I keep telling myself to take a deep breath and to remember, “this stage is short… This stage is short…” Joseph is still fussy. That’s just a given right now. Pray for him, please!! 

The struggle continues

I’m not sure why the addition of this latest child into our family has been so difficult, but it has been a real struggle. I feel like a complete newbie as I attempt to take care of Joseph and the rest of my kids. I know I’ve done this before and I know it will … [Read more…]