Awards Time!!

I am honored to say that I have been nominated for a few “awards” in the blogging world. Actually, I’m stunned that anyone is even reading what I have to say, so to add this on top of it is just… well, all I can say is WOW and THANK YOU! Being a part of … [Read more…]

Sick…. again….

I’ve been wiped out this past week with… I’m not sure what. A minor cold with a horrific cough that goes along with it. Pretty darn draining. The kids got it this weekend, so now we’re all sort of melting into the furniture — finding a comfortable spot, covering up with a blanket, and dozing … [Read more…]

Never forget

What were you doing, 6 years ago, when the towers fell and life as we knew it changed forever? I was in my room, playing with my (then) almost 4 yr old Sean. He had been asking me all week long about planes, and what would happen if they accidentally hit something. Strange questions, I … [Read more…]