1. Thank you for a new perspective on this. Sometimes at the end of the day, as we sit down to dinner, I find myself frustrated that everyone is still saying “mom!” I think, ‘what more could they have to say, we’ve been together ALL day. But now I can realize that they are just touching base and feeling safe. I appreciate the shift in thinking.

  2. This is such a beautiful post! Last night was a rough night with my little one needing to “touch base” many times in the midst of teething pain. Thank goodness, I get to “touch base” with the Eucharist this morning. I’ll let the kids touch base with me, and then when I feel out tired from our tag game, I’ll remind myself to touch base with our Blessed Mother myself!

  3. Thank you both for such wonderful comments!

    Melissa, I know it helped *me* tremendously to have that shift in thinking.

    Abigail, thank you for taking it further and reminding me that just as they run to base with me, I need to run to the Lord as well! What a brilliant observation!

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