The way Moms are supposed to dress…

[gasp] “Oh Mommy, I’m so happy you’re wearing that dress! That’s the way all Mommies should dress…” So says my son Christopher every time he sees me in this dress. It’s a rather homely looking thing — a cranberry colored nursing dress with tiny white polka dots. It’s at least ten years old… probably more… … [Read more…]

Pray for Faith!

And her wonderful Mommy Myah. I am awed by how the Lord is carrying her through all of this, and what an amazing inspiration she is to everyone. Ask the Lord to bring her to mind often, and then pray when He does!

Oh, this is priceless!!!

Many, many thanks to The Anchoress for putting this Steven Colbert clip on her blog. He takes on Bart Ehrman, an atheist who also is the chair of Religious Studies at UNC. I needed something like this today, so watch and applaud!