What do you people talk about???

You never know WHAT the topic of conversation will be when I talk to my siblings (we’re all just a bit… well, odd…) When I talked to my sister last night, for example, the subject was.. “Evil Dead: The Musical.” (yep. It’s a real show that my family saw when the went up to NY … [Read more…]

My son, the doctor

Christopher…. who else? Both of these comments were made at our cook-out lunch today: 1) “You know, Daddy… sometimes, when I sneeze really hard, I can make a nose-bubble.” 2) And to his sister Kathryn, who had ketchup all over her mouth:“Ewwww! It looks like you have tuberculosis!” [It took me awhile, but I finally … [Read more…]

Roach update

OK, I think we all got freaked out over AKA_Meritt’s roach horror story (crawled up HER LEG while she was DRIVING!!! [massive shudder]…..Oh man, I can’t even hang my legs over the chair now… I’ve got them tucked under me, Indian style. They’ll be nice and safe now…] So, I will share with you my … [Read more…]