Oh man, that is incredible!

I don’t normally check “sitemeter,” but I will occasionally look from time to time to see where my “faithful few” come from (and believe me, I thank you all!).

I just saw that someone found me after typing in:

What faith believes that shrimp are cockroaches of the sea?

That just made my day! I hope you found what you’re looking for! [seriously, how can you NOT smile after seeing that?]

[My scary tour guide in Salem, who really, really, REALLY needed to find another line of work because she was NOT enjoying what she was doing, told us that LOBSTERS were the cockroaches of the sea. That sealed it for me. I haven’t eaten another one since… ]


  1. LOL. I’ve often wondered about that, especially while peeling shrimp and noticing how cockroach-like their little legs are.

    I wonder if they got their answer?

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