Words from our Bishop on this upcoming election

I encourage you all to read the entire document “On being faithful citizens” by Bishop Robert J. Baker on the Diocese of Charleston’s website. I quote in part: “Various voter guides have emerged, sharing particular perspectives that may reflect to a degree our religious moral perspective. The only statement I support or affirm for use … [Read more…]

Does it get any better than C.S. Lewis?

Perhaps… but he still remains one of my favorite authors. “Now before I became a Christian I was under the impression that the first thing Christians had to believe was one particular theory as to what the point of [Jesus’] dying was. According to that theory God wanted to punish men for having deserted and … [Read more…]

Pray, Read, Vote

Those of us in South Carolina are being asked to vote on Amendment 1, which would recognize marriage as the lawful union between one man and one woman. In Missouri, they are given this amendment which would open the doors wide for human cloning and embryonic stem-cell research. In response to the Michael J. Fox … [Read more…]

Happy Anniversary to Us!

As if October didn’t have enough celebration in it, yesterday also marked our 10th wedding anniversary. 10 years and 6 kids — I think we’re doing just fine! Thanks to Dawn over at By Sun and Candlelight, we hit on a new tradition of making a birthday cake for our family since this day, after … [Read more…]

Gearing up for All Saints’ Day

 What better way than by getting to know our elder brothers and sisters in the Faith a little better? When you feel like you couldn’t possibly make a bigger mess of the day than you already have: “We would like to suffer generously, grandly, Celine, but what an illusion! We would like never to fall! … [Read more…]

Fall has officially arrived!!!

Yes, I know it’s been fall for awhile now, but I don’t consider it to have “officially” arrived until it “hits” the tree across the street. This picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice — the sun makes the yellow almost glow, and it has such a commanding presence it captures my attention… demands … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday, Marie!

 Yesterday marked the end of the “birthday marathon” here at Chez Ouiz. I think we’re all officially “caked out” now. One year ago (yesterday) I was being wheeled in for my sixth c-section. This pregnancy had been pretty rough on me, and I was eager to finally have the little girl (and have my body … [Read more…]

Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty”

 I’ve seen this short clip on many different blogs, but I think it is worth posting here. It is part of Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty,” and it shows the evolution of a woman from “normal” to “model.” The changes that they make to “tweak” her image are startling.

Fantastic quote from St. Gregory Naziance

Obviously, I’m doing something wrong, but I just can’t seem to make my links work correctly. Anyway, courtesy of The Curt Jester, comes this wonderful quote from St. Gregory Naziance (330-390), Bishop of Doctor of the Church: [from today’s Gospel reading] “They began to manifest fierce hostility to him and to make him speak on … [Read more…]