Arranged **UPDATED**

** It was Charlotte from Waltzing Matilda who wrote a wonderful review of this movie! Thank you, Charlotte! ** I’m starting to get a bit worried… in less than one month I’ve had three different infections, and two different rounds of fever/chills. Please pray for me! In the meantime, what better way to sweat out … [Read more…]


**UPDATE**I have been told several times now to tell everyone this… Do NOT be put off by the length of this movie (16 min)! It is worth your time to watch this!Many thanks to Julie D. from Happy Catholic for this great short film entitled VALIDATION. Does it not make you want to run out … [Read more…]

Great giveaway!

Blissfully Domestic is giving away some wonderful things this week (look at the dress! And it’s a small! Yeah!). What a fun way to start off the new year! Stop by and put your name in for the drawing… and if you win, can you let me know?

March for Life

There is a wonderful slideshow of the March for Life in Washington DC. I wish I could have been there. Watching Barbara’s slideshow, I couldn’t help but thank the Lord for each face I saw — smiling faces, braving the cold weather, all wanting to make sure that those in Congress saw them. They were … [Read more…]

Small Treasures is back!

Yeah! It’s nice to see her back in the blogging world! (h/t Minnesota Mom) Kristen, you’ve been missed! I knew I kept my link up for a reason… just hoping for the day it could be used again… *grin* In other news…Ever heard of laminin? No, I hadn’t either, until I saw the video on … [Read more…]

My small successes of the day

It’s been a rough week, so I think this is a great idea to share our small victories, wherever we can find them! 1. I washed, dried, folded, and put away two loads of laundry today (whoo hoo!) This is not an easy task with a 15 month old who insists on being held ALL … [Read more…]