What’s for dessert?

I can’t believe this. I actually took a picture of the pies (and cheesecake) that the kids and I made for Thanksgiving (just for our family scrapbook), and lo and behold, Faith & Family is having a pie picture contest! Well, whatdya know about that? So, here are the pies that we had for Thanksgiving … [Read more…]

Oh, yes!!!

Those who know me know that C.S. Lewis is one of my all-time favorite authors, and is, in fact, a spiritual mentor for me. Someday I will get a chance to meet him, although I must confess I’ll be so tongue-tied I’ll probably only be able to mutter a quiet, “Wow! I loved every one … [Read more…]

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

If you (or your sweet little ones) need a little bit of inspiration in the cleaning department, settle them down for an episode or two of How Clean Is Your House? You will be amazed at how quickly everyone wants to clean up afterward!