Oh, hallelujah!

Sometimes, you find a product that just seems to answer all those unspoken longings of the heart… and dare I say it? I think I found mine: The Rubbermaid Reveal mop. How does this answer all my deepest desires? Well, it doesn’t… but it certainly makes my job a lot easier! I have one of … [Read more…]

Merry Christmas!

Wishing all of you a very blessed and joyous Christmas! I hope to begin blogging again now that the Fall Semester is over, presents have been bought and wrapped, cookies have been baked, and life (perhaps?) will slow down just a bit…. May the Lord bless you all!


Ah, with the weather turning cooler here in South Carolina, our thoughts here at Chez Ouiz turn to hearty stews, fuzzy sweaters, mugs of hot tea, and… acorn people. You know how certain things just “stick” with your children, and without realizing it you made a new tradition? Well, it’s been that way with us … [Read more…]