Oh, hallelujah!

Sometimes, you find a product that just seems to answer all those unspoken longings of the heart… and dare I say it? I think I found mine:

The Rubbermaid Reveal mop.

How does this answer all my deepest desires? Well, it doesn’t… but it certainly makes my job a lot easier!

I have one of those other mops — you know, the kind that requires pads and refill bottles and such. My husband was able to rig the top of the bottle so that I could pour my own cleaning solution in there, but it was a rather messy endeavor, and I still had those nasty pads to contend with.

This mop seems to have been developed by someone who actually USES a mop on a regular basis. For instance —

— it comes with a bottle so that you can put your own solution in;
— it has washable microfiber pads… and not just one, but TWO, so that you can have one at all times;
— the pad is much bigger, so cleaning the floor takes less time; and finally
— it doesn’t require batteries!

THANK YOU! Thank you, Rubbermaid, for coming up with a mop that addresses all the complaints I had with my other mop!

There is a $4 coupon floating around out there as well, so you can pick up one of these for about $21. Some of the reviews I’ve seen said that it stopped working after 3-4 months, but I’m hoping that’s just a fluke.

For now, however, I am so happy to have a mop that works!


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