Amazing science videos!

As the very few who read my blog may recall, I talked about reading this book

and how amazing it was, dealing with the beauty that is to be found in the world around us and in the “subjects” we teach our children, primarily those of the quadrivium (mathematics, geometry, music, and astronomy). Since this ties in closely with all that I learned at the homeschooling conference this summer, I was thrilled to jump right in and read it. I have an inner math geek that I never knew existed before, and my children keep hearing me say things like, “This is like the fingerprint of God! Isn’t this amazing????”

Well, thanks to something I had never heard of before (but read in this book), I present — for all of those who long to see the beauty in the simplest of things — this video:

Now, I can’t even BEGIN to explain this, so I’ll just say that as the frequency is increased, the geometric patterns formed by the sand become even more complex. As a total non-scientist, I just look at this and am amazed that sound has a shape and form that we can see (I’m sure I’ve gotten that totally wrong, so please, no one attack me!)

The next video was also exciting, because several of my children have gone through a pendulum unit in their science course…

Is that not beautiful? Patterns exist where you wouldn’t think they would (or never took the time to think about them before)

Followed by an amazing water experiment video:

And finally, this mindblowing anamorphic illusion video…


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