Another book review

And another very quick post, seeing as I have guests that sleep in the office, and really wouldn’t appreciate my keeping them up at night with my typing!

I haven’t finished this book yet, but Beauty for Truth’s Sake: On the Re-enchantment of Education seems to be saying EXACTLY what I was talking about a few days ago, when I mentioned what I learned at the conference this year.

I could quote so much from this book already but, as I said, I’ve got people here that need to go to sleep. So let me just finish by saying that this book is wonderful, and will fire you up on the whole concept of classical education!

More tomorrow, when I have the office to myself in the evening….

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  1. I keep seeing this book pop up on various blogs… I wish there was an ebook version because it seems I am only capable of reading books in that format right now. Unless I’m reading them aloud! We still have a little one in our room with us, so my nighttime reading happens better if I can read off a glowing screen. Every time I try to sit down to read a paper book during the day it seems like I only have about 2 minutes before I have to go deal with something or other!

    I suppose I could try to figure out how to read after the kids are in bed and before I go to bed… but somehow that never seems to happen!

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