Don’t you just love to find homemade remedies/fixes for things?

I do.

I get so excited when I find out that I can make something that works just as well… or better… than something I can find in a store.

I had just that experience last night.

See that sweet little girl dressed in brown in the picture above? That’s Marie. She has a cold and, true to form, spends most of her evening hours coughing (and coughing… and coughing… poor thing!) when she’s trying to go to sleep. Last night was no exception.

Unfortunately, it was 10 pm, my dh and I were already in our pajamas, and there was no cough medicine in the house. As I was rummaging around the medicine cabinet, looking for anything that could help, I remembered this post from The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking. (and if you aren’t reading this blog and her other one, The Year of Less, you are missing out… seriously… you really are)

Homemade cough medicine? With just honey and vinegar?

I figured Marie would take one sip and promptly throw up. After all, my kids (and I do mean ALL of them!) complain mightily about the “horrible taste” of whatever cough medicine I happen to buy, so how on earth is honey and vinegar going to go down?

I mixed up a tablespoon of each, took a quick taste and figured she couldn’t complain TOO much, and brought it in to her.

She took a spoonful, opened her eyes really wide and said, “That’s GOOD!” (and gave me two thumbs up!) and promptly went to sleep.

She didn’t cough all night long!

I gave her another spoonful this morning and she is happy as can be, playing on the trampoline and still.not.coughing.

So if your kids are coming down with colds, give it a try! And spend some time time today checking out Kelly’s two blogs — she will challenge you and inspire you… I promise!

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