Decluttering update

I promise I won’t fill the next month with nothing about postings about how much stuff we are getting rid of (boring!), but I will note with much joy that I was able to get rid of another 16 pounds of stuff today… although I went to a dear friend’s house and she gave me 15 pounds of stuff from her pantry that she didn’t want to see go to waste (and yeah, I am just that geeky. I weighed it). STILL, I don’t think it counts if it’s consumable… right?

In other news:

It was with great sadness that I heard the news from my oldest son that the washing machine was, in fact, making “weird noises” instead of doing its normal spin cycle “thing.” My husband took the machine outside and, after two days of working on it, has come to the conclusion that buying the replacement parts will really not be worth it in his opinion.

In a family of 10 that cranks out a good 3-4 loads of laundry a day, this is NOT good news. One little hiccup in the system that we’ve got going over here and we are buried in laundry. So, my girls had to jump in and do their laundry the “old-fashioned way”:

Reilly and Grace were thrilled with the idea, but Kathryn? Not so much…

Nothing like wringing out laundry to give your arms a good workout!
No wonder Ma Ingalls never joined a gym…

Marie decided three was already a crowd and opted not to join in the festivities at the tub. She was helping me wring out the other half in the sink.

While I’m very sad at the idea of having to buy a new washing machine, you better believe I am COUNTING the weight of that machine as it leaves the house! That is NOT cheating! *grin*

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  1. I agree. The washing machine leaving should be included. We changed over to a front loader machine about 8 years ago. They are just the best machine. I really love it.

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