Decluttering Challenge

Inspired by a video that I saw on the Green Apple Home vlog, I am taking a decluttering challenge — I took my family’s combined weight (781 lbs, thank you very much!) and told my children that we were going to try to get rid of that much clutter from our home within the next 30 days.

Can we do it?

Truthfully, I’ve got my doubts. That’s some serious poundage to get rid of!

However, we did manage to get 55 pounds of clutter out of the door and into the car this afternoon. (It pays to get rid of college yearbooks!) When my daughter Reilly saw the grand total from all the bags, she exclaimed, “We’ve gotten rid of a whole Thomas today!” (my sweet eight-year old son who is over on the far right in the picture above).

With God’s grace, hopefully we’ll meet our goal! Wish us “luck”!


  1. Good luck to you as well, Therese! I think books are the hardest things to get rid of. I can say goodbye to clothes, shoes, and things like that without batting an eye, but books? oooh. That’s a tough one!

  2. Oh Beth, thank you!

    And PRAISE GOD for your great news both on your new little one and on M’s surgery! (the things I miss when I don’t get on the computer!)

    Praying for you!!!!!!!

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