1. I was wondering how that all worked! I met with a family with 7 kids who homeschool this week, and the mom said she sits at a desk with the kids at their desks from 8-3! I don’t think I can do that!!

  2. Ouiz – sounds like you are doing great! I had been wondering how you felt about last year’s version of the homeschool adventure and if you were going to modify or change anything. Your routine/schedule/whatever-you’d-like-to-call-it seems to be a lot like the one I used last year. It was pretty successful for us.

    However, I feel I’m being called to move away / past(?) my ‘check list’ mentality, because I’ve seen it rubbing off on my kids and I think it’s been keeping them from really learning….I’ve given myself ‘permission’ to ‘experiment’ until Advent. 🙂

    You’re awesome! I miss you!


  3. Hi Ouiz!
    I’ve (after many years!) figured out how to leave a comment!!!!
    As always, you’re being very hard on yourself. God has proven to you over the years that He will give you what you need as you need it. He has been faithful to you; trust Him!

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