Easter Week

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter yesterday!

I know I mentioned Catholic Icing just two posts ago, but I have to give her another big THANK YOU for this simple craft — the empty tomb. We’ve done the “resurrection cookies” once or twice (it’s a long recipe coupled with the story of the passion, and then you place them in the oven and leave them overnight, and in the morning you have hollow meringue cookies), but with Joseph to contend with, I didn’t want to commit to anything time-consuming.

I don’t think you could get much simpler than her craft, and the kids LOVED it! They all voted to do this again next year, so it’s a keeper!

I would also like to shout out a big THANK YOU to Publix grocery store for actually (gasp) closing on Easter. GOD BLESS THEM! I will be contacting them and thanking them as well.

My family has voted to continue the crown of thorns on the door. It has been such a good reminder for us to make sacrifices for Jesus that we’re going to keep it going. ANYTHING that reminds me to get over myself and do something sacrificially has got to be good!

And finally, we are in our last week of homeschooling for the (academic) year. Praise God! I know the kids are excited, but I think I’m even more so. I’m ready to take a break…

God bless you all!


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