1. Yay!! Keep blogging Ouiz!

    I was just thinking of emailing you to ask how your little high maintenance baby was doing. Is he getting any better?

    And I’m hating these gas prices but don’t forget to let me know if you’re coming up!

  2. Yessss, you’re back!!

    Your crown of flowers on the crown of thorns was a truly inspired idea, and it’s so beautiful. I know the Lord must be so pleased… 🙂

    And I love your parallel with the lying Lord of Mordor and Satan, and equally loved Aragorn’s courage in both killing him with no compunction and refusing to believe his lies (because what if it’s true?…). Now if I could show such courage.


  3. LUCERO said…

    Ouiz your blog is amazing!!! I definitively want to read all!! I loved about the crown of throwns to flowers!! What a great idea!! I’ve so much to learn about you guys!! And your reflection of Psalm 73 gives me peace! By the way, right now I’m opening the Bible to make a reflection of it! THanks for sharing!!

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