1. Lol!! I’m dying laughing that that was on the menu at your parents house!

    I Totally hear you on visual clutter …ugh. But I can’t seem to get away from it!

  2. This is too funny! On our trips from SD to Michigan to visit family we pass by the SPAM Museum each time! We always joke that we’re going to check it out one day.

    “…16,500 square feet of SPAM artifacts, history and fun–and all for free!”

    Sounds too good to be true, no?

  3. NO ONE should have to eat Spam.

    Jen, how can you pass the Spam museum, though? That’s just offbeat enough that I’d have to go… I mean, think of the pictures and the family stories you could tell!! LOL!

    SBG, you’re not missing much. Believe me! (although my kids would disagree. Kathryn actually cooked up MORE for lunch today!) sigh. At least she ate it on homemade bread. That’s my small consolation…

    Beth, can you believe it? They actually spent their time in the car discussing eating Spam for dinner! Ugh! I told them they were crazy…

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