1. Since Leo can’t really nurse, my goal is to pump for 12-18 months … Hopefully til his surgery.

    That’s my resolution for the year. For tomorrow it’s get the laundry put away and do a craft with the older two kids. Baby steps 🙂

  2. I gotta tell you, Beth, I prayed for you many times last night as I dealt with insomnia. I will continue to pray that you will be able to pump successfully.

    My short term goal is to get up early enough to start our first day of homeschooling in 2011 on time. *grin*

  3. Thanks so much Ouiz!! Will You keep praying he can nurse too? I see some small improvements but It’s really slow. Ill pray for you and J too!

    Ha, poor M, we haven’t done a lesson since Leo was born! Maybe I’m not cut out For this…. but she’s reading completely fluently which amazes me.

  4. The Lord keeps bringing you to mind, so I will keep praying! (I wonder how many other people He’s getting to pray for you!) As I struggle to feed my little guy, I will pray for yours. Is nursing a possibility at all for him?

    Homeschooling while pumping for a newborn? That’s asking an awful lot of yourself! Sounds like she’s doing a fantastic job just reading, though. Face it, Beth, you’re a successful homeschooler! *grin* M is reading, taking care of her younger brothers, and learning lots of life lessons. You win!

  5. I appreciate the prayers so much! There’s a small possibility he’ll be able to breastfeed, but Really I’m at peace with however I have to feed him. Its funny you mention people Praying For me… Today my lactation consultant emailed me and said she was praying for me! Wow!

    I did do the laundry and take all 3 kids To target Today… but no craft. How’d you Do with homeschooling Today?

  6. Isn’t it wonderful when God prompts so many to pray for us? We are never alone! He knows how hard this situation is for you, and while He has allowed it for whatever reason, He’s not abandoning you.

    I will continue to pray!

    We did well on our first day — thank you for asking! We got through it without too much fuss, kept the house relatively clean, AND I was able to paint half of the girls’ room! Whoo hoo!

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