1. This is an area I too am struggling with…I’ve gottne 1/2 way through a mothers rule…and it’s been sitting for 2 weeks waiting for me to pick it back up. One thing we recently added that has been a real blessing is a CD of A rosary for children. We listen to it most days in the car…we usually only make it through a decade but the CD is lovely and the kids really like hearing other kids saying it along with them. God Bless.


  2. Taryn, thank you for your comment!

    Several people have suggested doing the Rosary in the car, so perhaps this is a gentle nudge in that direction?

    I’m also going through the “Managers of their Homes” book, AND looking at FlyLady again, so perhaps our routine is going to be some sort of weird mix of all three.

  3. Right now we’re in a pretty good place, prayer-wise, in our home. We pray the Morning Offering, Mass Readings, something about the Saint of the Day (from the iPhone app) and petitionary prayer starting at 8. We pray the Angelus at noon, and the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3, then at night we pray a gratitude prayer (everyone gets a chance to say what specifically they are grateful for from that day) and we do a quick examination of conscience followed by the act of contrition, an Our Father, a Hail Mary, a Glory Be, and a nighttime prayer. Then I bless the kids and then it is bedtime. My eldest and I also do scripture reading independently before bed, which we discuss here and there – I need to get a little more structured about that, but we’re heading in the right direction at least.

    I’m not trying to give you a complex here, although at the moment I feel like I’m bragging – and believe me, that is not my intent!

    We’ve built up to this, step by step, over the last 8-10 months, if not more. I have music alarms set on my computer (using iCal and iTunes) to play music shortly before noon and 3:00 and that helps keep us on track with those prayers. In the morning we started with a music cue and just praying the morning offering, some petitionary prayers and one or two other prayers (Hail Holy Queen, Magnificat, something along those lines). Just within the last two months we’ve added the Mass Readings – which has been quite a blessing. The bedtime prayer also grew as well, it started as a much simpler thing and I gradually added more pieces. The gratitude portion has been a particularly fruitful addition.

    We used to pray more in the car – and during Lent we pray a lot in the car. If we’re in the car first thing in the morning and we’ve skipped our usual morning prayer, it generally gets prayed in the car. Otherwise, we might pray a decade every now and again if we have a particular intention. We do pray the Angelus or the Divine Mercy Chaplet in the car if we happen to be there at that time. My 8-year old is good at keeping an eye on the time for that and often is the one who reminds me now! But I love all of it – I love how we are reminded to turn to God throughout our day, I love how the kids are growing in their experience with prayer, and I love how it keeps bringing our family together before God.

    So in summary, the things I’ve found most effective are tying prayer to certain times of day, setting some sort of alarm/music cue to make sure the time gets noticed, and building the prayer routine gradually.

    I hope this helps!!!

  4. Amber, thank you so much for leaving such an encouraging comment!

    I am thrilled to hear that yes, it can be done, as long as I take baby steps and don’t try to make all the changes I’d like to see at once!

    And don’t worry… I didn’t think you were bragging! I am eager to hear what other moms are doing, and how they are doing it.


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