1. Ouiz, I know you’ve said you can’t wear a sling, but have you tried a Moby Wrap? I loved this when John Paul was new. It holds them really close and lets you be hands free. Might be worth a shot 😉

    The only other thing that worked for Madeleine was giving up dairy 😉

  2. I’ve never tried one. I’ve got two different front carriers (Baby bjorn and something else…), and someone made me a sling once. So far, I haven’t had much success.

    I keep thinking of you and the whole dairy thing, but honestly, after giving up chocolate, there isn’t that much dairy in my diet.

    I can’t tell if the reflux medicine is helping or making things worse. I was hoping that perhaps once I got off the antibiotic I was taking, it would get better. So far, not really.

    Maybe it’s colic.

    I pray there’s nothing seriouly wrong with him, but I’m totally at a loss. Was M this bad? He’s my 8th child, but truthfully I feel like a complete newbie with this one. I look into his crying face and say, “you’ve got me stumped, little one. I have no clue what to do for you…”

    St. Anthony, please pray that we can FIND out what will make him stop crying!

  3. Hey Ouiz – it’s your favorite lurker! I wanted to tell you that I appreciate each and every post you put out in the blogsphere. I rarely comment, because, well, a variety of reasons (Can you think of seven of them? 🙂 ) However, you always remind me that I’m not alone on this adventure called ‘mothering’ & ‘life’. Be blessed, my friend! love you!

  4. Hey, SCG! Thank you! I can definitely think of seven sweet reasons for you not having oodles of computer time!

    I hope that your seventh reason is not giving you as much grief as mine is! (grin)

    I love you and miss you, my friend!

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