Be a Witness

You just love the Lord, don’t you?”

I turned around in the middle of the dairy section to see an employee that I have seen almost every weekend for over a year now, looking at me expectantly and smiling. I answered, “Yes… Yes, I do,” and he just grinned. “I could tell,” he said. He said that he has seen me come in every weekend dressed modestly and with a smile on my face, and he just knew that I must be “a believer.”

How often do I forget that I am always on display? We as Christians are reminded that we are always to be ready to give an answer for why we believe what we believe. I never get a free pass to act un-Christlike. I will sin, of course, but I must always remember that I am supposed to represent Him at all times…. when I’m homeschooling… when I’m frustrated at the doctor’s office… when I’m shopping… when I’m face to face with someone who bothers me… when I’m talking to friends… or, (in the situation I find myself in this morning) when one of my children is sick and needing extra Mommy time. At ALL times and in ALL places I am to act in a way that brings Him praise.

May I never forget.


  1. Very good reminder this morning! I am sorry to hear you have another sick one. I was hoping you all were well this week. I’ll be praying for you. (And if you need to run away for a little bit- you know where to come.)

  2. Well, I’m thankful that he saw me when I was on my “best behavior.” *grin*

    I’d be scared to hear how many times someone could have come up to me and said, “Wow. You just don’t know Jesus at all, do you? Bad attitude, getting all irritated at the people around you, walking around with a sour look on your face. No, you don’t know Him at all…”

  3. Wow. What an awesome reminder. I perpetually have a slightly grim look on my face.. unintentionally.. but still, a bad witness.

    I’m really going to keep this incident in mind. This is one of the few opportunities where you actually saw and heard the effect of your Christian behaviour. There must be so many others who haven’t told you how you affected them.


  4. Suz, it was a great reminder to me, because all too often I’m wrapped up in my own thoughts and problems and forget what sort of image I’m projecting to others. I think the most horrifying thing would be for someone to say, “well, if Jesus is anything like what you’re portraying on a daily basis, I want nothing to do with Him.”


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