Soda love

I really must thank Danielle Bean for putting this video on her blogsite. At first I thought it was mildly interesting, but then as time went on, I found myself captivated more and more by this man who sells little-known sodas in his store.

It reminded me somewhat of the book 100 Mile Diet: A Year of Local Eating. We think we have an impressive array of choices in our supermarkets (and compared to other countries, I’m sure we do!), but in reality we are used to ONE type of tomato, ONE type of cucumber… or eggplant… or carrot… and we have no idea the wide array of vegetables that Our Lord created for us to enjoy. My neighbor, for example, gave me one of the heirloom cucumbers he grew this year, and I was STUNNED — it was light green, very dense, and shaped like a curly-cue. I had never seen anything like it before, and it was delicious!

This man celebrates the fact that there is more to the soda industry than the big name brands. His store carries everything from Moxie (my mom’s favorite… blech. She is one tough New England girl, I tell ya!) to cucumber soda.

If you want yet another chance to cheer for the underdog… the small mom and pop businesses that give life flavor and variety… then take a few minutes and watch this video!

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