1. If all goes the way it usually does, Thomas will have his brother for longer than he will have you. Think of it as a gift you gave the two of them, something they’ll always share. What a wonderful sibling moment — I doubt either of them will ever forget it! (But I understand why you are wistful.)

  2. Great post, and boy can I relate. If often wish I could have my own “Groundhog Day” like Bill Murray’s character in the movie. I want to repeat everything until I get it right.

    Fortunately, God has an unlimited supply of mercy and forgiveness, and I’ve found my children are thankfully very forgiving as well!

    God bless.

  3. I’m thrilled that Christopher gets that “moment” in the family memory, much like I did when one of my brothers took his first step to me.

    It just saddens me that I was handed that moment on a silver platter, and I turned it down for folded laundry.

    How many such moments do I miss? I can’t kick myself over it, because as Moms we ARE responsible for such things as laundry and cooking and such, but still…

  4. Many times at the end of a day I find myself asking God to open my eyes to those moments where I could have just slowed down a few more seconds and not worried so much about what I “needed” to get done. I know exactly how you feel. Too often I say “not right now” or “in a minute” and worry about getting things around the house done, it helps when I remind myself that I will never look back and long over not having folded more laundry or done more dishes but I will look back and long over spending more time reading to my kids or playing with them. My house may not always be pristine but if it were always spotless my children would be the neglected parties, better my housework wait a minute than the kids. It’s always hard to juggle it all, but rejoice in the fact that tomorrow there will be another opportunity to share in another learning moment with your children.

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