1. I grew up near the Kennedy Space Center so this was a common sight during my childhood. Since moving away I haven’t really seen it except in a few camping supply stores and it’s all just “freeze dried” not quite the same ring as “Astronaut” ice cream. I’m glad to see it’s still around!!! We were visiting my hometown this past week and were supposed to get to see the shuttle, or as my 4 year old says “pace suddle” launch but it’s been scrubbed (rescheduled) twice due to lightning and bad weather so we didn’t get to see it. I so took it for granted those 20 years living right across the river from the Cape and now I was upset I missed it. Glad they enjoyed it, just seeing the confusion on their faces brought back a lot of great memories, thanks for sharing those pictures.

  2. The pictures really tell the story, don’t they! I remember going through that same experience with my siblings after we visited the Kennedy Space Center. I don’t think I’ve had it since… but it certainly is an interesting flavor and texture, isn’t it!

    I should try that on my kids. I wonder what they would make of it.

  3. Wow! Both of you have tried “astronaut ice cream”! It has such a bizarre texture to it, doesn’t it?

    Several of my children have expressed great dismay that we don’t have any more. I think they would like it to be a regular snack in the cupboard!

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