My weekend was great… how was yours?

In what has become a 3-years running tradition, a great group of friends descended upon my house for a lunchtime BIRTHDAY PARTY!! Thanks to my wonderful friend Malia (the lovely lady in green behind me) who organized the whole thing, we had at least 30+ people here for a fabulous lunch of Indian and Greek food (for the mommies and older kids) and pizza, chips, and fruit for the younger crowd.

It’s chaos, and I love it!

(Unfortunately, I forgot all about pictures until the end, when several friends had already left… sniffle…)

Since I haven’t talked to these women about how they feel having their names plastered all over my blog, I won’t introduce them to you, other than to say that these women mean the world to me. These are the friends that I laugh, cry, pray, and share the trials and tribulations of motherhood with.

Can you imagine all those people, PLUS a horde of children, in this one room????

Later on that afternoon, my husband went out of his way to do “the family birthday party.” He even made my cake… is that sweet or what?

Somebody enjoyed the cake a little TOO much… yuck…

But birthday festivities weren’t the only great thing about this weekend. Behold my latest savings extravaganza…

All of this cost me [drumroll, please] SIXTEEN CENTS. Whoo hoo!


  1. Oh my gosh….is it THAT time of year already again??? How can these years go by so quickly??? You have THE BEST friends that throw THE BEST parties! You are truly blessed!

    Happy belated Birthday to you!!!!

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