Please forgive me

I’ve been unable to get back to blogging as of late. I’ve had a bit of a personal struggle, so if I come to mind, would you please pray for me? Thank you!!

But, for a huge “pick-me-up,” I offer this wonderful clip (courtesy of Mark Shea and Historical Christian) on the cease-fire on Christmas Eve during WWI…. and for Perrin, who somehow has missed this movie (how?? How can anyone not have seen this movie??), I offer the trailer for It’s a Wonderful Life.

[we let our kids stay up and watch this for the first time last night and they loved it… even though the super late bedtime made getting up early for Mass rather difficult this morning]


  1. I’ll keep you in our prayers as well. We’re going to rent that movie this week for the kids to watch, with a 3 and 2 year old staying up late makes for the worst mornings so we’ll rent it and then can watch it in the middle of the day.

  2. Will definitely pray for you! Email me if I can pray for and/or do anything specific. like for example, if you are coming up this way to visit your mom, let us keep the kids and you and DH can go out for dinner and a movie 🙂

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