OK, I finally got a picture of my kids up… and fixed the blogroll over to the side… so yeah! Whoo hoo!

I’ll probably be changing it around a lot, so please be patient!

[in case you are wondering, this was last year’s Christmas picture. As you can see, Grace is all of a month old. From left to right we’ve got:

Kathryn, Sean (holding Grace), Christopher, Thomas, Marie, and Reilly]


  1. THANK YOU so much! I was so tired of the plain white…

    We’ll see how long this background stays up… I might be tempted to change it quite often (if it’s that easy to do!) *grin*

  2. Ah, Ouiz, this is so soothing for the eyes! Such a nice change from white. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with white, but, you know…

    I can’t believe you got such a good shot of all of the kids, either. I suggest that when it comes time for church directory pictures again, just submit this one– precious… and painless!

  3. Thank you! I can’t take credit for the background… The Cutest Blog on the Block is to thank for that… but the picture! Oh, that was fun. We took picture after picture, and finally got a good one — only to realize that Grace was flopped over Sean’s arm like a rag.

    So, I took them back out again, and begged them to be patient just one more time (you can see Christopher’s “oh man, do we have to do this again?” face on). This time, Marie was too busy looking at the bugs, so I said, “Please, sweetie… look up!”

    As you can see, she did EXACTLY what she was told. TOO FUNNY!

    Anyway, I called it quits after that, and that was our Christmas photo last year!

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