1. Wow, not only are you the first to join the program, but you are the first to post (at least the first one I have seen). I guess it helps that you were so close to the warehouse that you probably got the book the day after we mailed it. Thanks for being part of our outreach. God Bless! (and great review, by the way. Very heart wrenching…don’t ever ask too much about my kids health problems of you will get a huge dose of “things-to-be-afraid-of-that-might-happen-to-my-children-some-day-dear-God-no.”

  2. Thank you, Chris, for the kind words!

    I only know the tiniest bit of your children’s health problems from our conversation in the lobby. May God truly bless you and your wife, and may your family be filled with His joy, peace, and a whole lot of laughter!

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