Man, I remember taking just our ‘first’ littles to the berry farm, in the backpacks and wondering, how would we EVER manage more than one….

    Sounds like your clan did a bang up job!

    But, I must ask, how much money did you contribute to the ‘sin bucket’? hee hee (the donation bucket for the berries eaten but not weighed – for those who’ve never heard that name before). I know in our case, it would probably be a $5! 😉

    Strawberries are the name of the game up here. Thursday’s the day. I’m cleaning out my bank account! Strawberry soup anyone?

  2. We felt like it was soooooooo hard, didn’t we? I mean, we were wearing backpacks! We were trying to pick blueberries with a CHILD! Didn’t anyone understand?

    Too funny.

    Fast forward several years, and look at us!

    Never thought we’d be where we are, huh? Glad to share the journey with you, my friend!

    The kids really didn’t nibble much out there. Marie was my only nibbler, but she picks slowly. Believe it or not, the sin bucket wasn’t even there when we were ready to pay! (The bear was, but not the bucket… hmmm… )

    but, they did have signs up explaining that a little bit of nibbling is expected and even encouraged, ’cause that’s the best way to find out which ones are the sweetest!

    Strawberries were late May and early June for us, so our season is over. The stand in front of the hardware store is barren. So sad.

    Next at the farm comes figs… didn’t you pick those one year?

    [that reminds me: my youngest brother once said that something was just “a fig of your imaginewton.” He was very little at the time, which made it exceptionally funny]

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