Birthday update and answer to prayer

It started with a prayer the night before: “Lord, You know how birthdays can be disappointing for me, and I don’t want to be ungracious… so I’m just going to offer You all my disappointment. Please help me to smile tomorrow and really mean it.”


Care to see what the Lord (and my family and friends) did with THAT prayer?

If I ever, EVER start to feel down… or think that no one loves me… let me always remember this birthday:

It started with a “happy birthday” from my husband and kids.
Followed by a text message from my Mom.

After horse lessons, I got a call from my parish priest (!)… then another friend beeped in to wish me a happy birthday… and then my in-laws beeped in to sing happy birthday to me as they were driving back from the mountains.

I was already smiling (and meaning it) and feeling pretty loved!

THEN, I had the most wonderful lunchtime party with these amazing friends of mine (plus two more who weren’t available at picture time), who brought over INDIAN FOOD (yes!), desserts, pizza, and snacks for the kids. I had TWENTY-SEVEN people in my home and yes, I loved every minute of it!

They showered me with gifts, cards

and best of all, their FRIENDSHIP. I could write books on what they mean to me, but I’ll save that for my IRL conversations with them. I love you guys!

After the party ended, we had a quick clean-up before I had the “family birthday” with my dh and kids. Remember how amazed I was that he took the kids shopping last weekend while I was at the grocery store? Well, I found out why… but I had to go down into the bomb shelter first!

Yes, believe it or not, we have an actual Cold War bomb shelter! [yes, it is quite the conversation piece…

I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the actual present, but my family bought me a bike.

A bike!

I haven’t had one since high school!!

I’m so excited, because now when we go to the park to ride bikes, I won’t have to sit on the sidelines anymore! Yeah!

After our family party, another friend brought over her children and graciously babysat ours while my husband and I got away to our favorite restaurant for an AMAZING dinner.

I went to bed last night just laughing, picturing the Lord smiling — “How was that ‘disappointing’ birthday there, Ouiz?”

Just wonderful. Amazingly wonderful!


  1. A BIKE!

    That’s wonderful!

    (now, how come you didn’t mention that during our phone call the day after your B-day and my atrocious rendition of “Happy Birthday”?)

    Have you used your new ‘wheels’ yet?

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