Happy Birthday to Me!

OK, it’s cheesy to wish myself a happy birthday, but birthdays are incredibly important to me. Now that I am solidly in the “40s” camp (well, not *technically* until 7:00 pm tonight… the 15th), they are still important… but a bit depressing as well. [how did I get to be in my 40s????]

It’s probably going to be a “quiet” evening alone with my family. The kids are excited because… well, they get to have CAKE! (what child doesn’t love that??)

My friends, knowing that I’m much more of a “let’s make a big deal of this” sort of person, will be coming over in the afternoon to celebrate the day with Indian food and lots o’ kids. THANK YOU, GUYS!!!!!!


  1. Oh yeah!!! Thank you for the cheese because otherwise I wouldn’t get to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!” Best wishes for a lovely day!

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