Seven Random Things

Muddy Mama over at Muddy Bathwater tagged me for this meme (how fun!).

Here are the rules:
1. When tagged place the name and URL on your blog.

2. Post rules on your blog.

3. Write 7 non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

4. Name 7 of your favorite blogs.

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Seven strange things about myself, hmmmmm? OK…

1. I usually eat leftovers for breakfast, and just about everything gets covered in cayenne pepper (“It ain’t a meal unless you cry!“)

2. I am completely anal about the way things are arranged; i.e., all towels are folded the same way, no edges showing; everything in the pantry has a certain place, with all labels facing the same way, etc. Heaven help the person who messes up my order! My dh jokingly tells me that there are no “towel police,” but I’m sorry… the state of one’s closet says a lot about a person! I (much to my great dismay) cannot have a clean house with seven little ones making messes faster than I can keep up… but having an orderly closet, or pantry, or whatever, says “no matter what you see on the outside, I am truly a neat and orderly person on the inside.” At least I try to comfort myself with that fact… that if I ever die and the police have to enter my home, they will say, “Wow! Look at her linen closet! She must have been a neat person after all! God bless her… the mess must have driven her CRAZY!”

3. Nothing makes me happier than a gloomy, overcast autumn day… ahhh… bundled up in warm sweaters and with super warm shoes on, I go crunching through the leaves, just breathing in that delicious moist air/falling leaves/someone’s got a fire going in their fireplace smell…. and then to come home to the smell of something wonderful in the crockpot, pour myself a hot cup of tea, and sit on the porch and just enjoy the day. Can you see that I’m all about order, warmth, and comfort? I like that coccoony sort of feeling…

4. I dream of being able to do something with my art/crafts someday.

5. I can’t eat shrimp (no, not allergic to them… it’s a disgusting “texture” issue) and can’t eat lobster anymore (after our morbidly depressing tour guide in Salem MA — who REALLY should find another line of work, because she was NOT cut out to do what she was doing — told us in a dead monotone that lobsters were the “cockroaches of the sea.” OK, thank you… that one’s gonna stick with me forever…)

6. Also can’t stand any food that is white and creamy (with the exception of mashed potatoes and grits… well, not together, mind you… but you get the picture). That means all alfredo sauces, chowders, custards, creams, white cake, white icing, etc. is just a big “no go” for me.

7. I love to listen to music REALLY loud in the car. Full blast.

I’ll give Suzanne, Suburban Cowgirl, Ladybug Mommy Maria, Beth, Lisa, and Meredith a chance to work on these!


  1. Number three on your list just described my all-time favorite kind of day! Good job.
    Now, about the linen closet… oh dear! Maybe you can come help me organize. 🙂

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