1. Thank you for this review! I just added it to my wish list and saw that they created a similar book called Material World, about the material possessions of people around the world. Have you seen that one? It looks fantastic as well.

    Thank you for pointing this out!

  2. Hi, Hungry Planet is one of my favorite books too! Be sure to also check out “Material World”, I’m sure you’ll love that one as well. Its buy the same author and is the same concept, but this one is about different families material possessions.

    There is also “Women in the Material World” which is pretty interesting too.

    My library has all 3 of these books and they come home with me so often, I should just buy myself my own copies of them!

    Love your blog, especially its name! 😉

  3. Wow Ouiz, I’ll definitely have to check that book out. I’ve had some great experiences in Mexico with food – when we go down to help for the week we all give money and three ladies cook for us all week. They shop in the street markets, pick mangoes and avocados from their yard, and create from scratch the most delicious food I have ever had, even making fresh canteloupe and mango juice for us. It’s amazing the different cultures.

    By the way, I just finished Left to Tell – that book was amazing. Have you read it? Immaculee is coming to our church in 2 weeks.

  4. Thanks, everyone!

    I have MATERIAL WORLD on order at my library, and should be in sometime this week! (unfortunately, the WOMEN IN THE MATERIAL WORLD book is not available at my library… but perhaps they’ll order it!)

    Beth — I DID read LEFT TO TELL, and it was amazing. Books like that tend to scare me, though, because I tend to “what if” those scenarios in my own life, and then it just gets ugly from there.

    Still, I wish I could meet her and hear her speak! You’ll have to blog about it (please, please!)

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