What do YOU eat in a week?

OK, these pictures just blew me away. I was so fascinated I got my little old self online and requested a copy of the book Hungry Planet: What the World Eats.


  1. Wow that is pretty amazing. I am just wondering how families of 4 spend SO MUCH on food in a week? Ken gets mad if we go much over $100 for 3 people. And we shop at Whole Foods!

  2. Wow! Only $100?? At Whole Foods?? Beth, you must ROCK at grocery shopping! We spend about $250 a week… but I do have a family of 9 to feed, and kids go through these impressive “all day grazing” phases where they inhale everything in sight…

    Can you IMAGINE what our grocery bill will be like when they are all teenagers???? (I’ll have 5 teenagers at one time, with 2 more in the wings! eeeek!)

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