Lord have mercy

This has got to be one of the saddest stories I’ve seen in quite some time… women who choose not to have children because they are “pollutants” for the earth.

We are called to be stewards of the beautiful earth Our Lord has given us; Obviously, however, I find it absolutely HORRIFYING to find that people have built up “caring for the environment” to such idolatrous extremes that they would do whatever it takes to ensure not to bring more “pollutants” into this world.

Lord have mercy.


  1. Remarkably, these women make sense.

    As stewards of the earth we are called to respect, honor and encourage the earth to continue bestowing blessings upon the people. The earth is already being DECIMATED by overpopulation, pollution and the abuse of natural resources – some people just take different approaches to ensuring the earth continues to support life.

    I don’t believe they have turned caring for the environment into an idolatrous extreme. This is their choice and it is sensible. There are plenty of people with massive families that make up for those who choose to not reproduce.

    These women should be applauded for the courage to stand up for what they know in their hearts is the right decision for them.

    Your own sister is one of those who vows to have no children.

    Having eight children (you know you’re gearing up for the next one…i read your blog…mmhmm) seems crazy to some but you felt it was the right choice for you. I would hope you would respect those that choose small families.

  2. I read this too, and was sick at heart to think of this young woman choosing to be “green” over the life of her child. I kept thinking “Is this real? Do people really see humanity this way?” Sad. So sad. She and those who think like her need lots of prayers.

  3. I heard about this on the radio this morning but they just said she had been sterilized – nothing about the abortion. I feel so sick after reading that story. It is not even logical. What is the point of saving the planet if there is no one left to live on it? Terribly sad.

  4. Fenix, did you actually read the entire article? The woman ABORTED her own child, whom she viewed as a “pollutant,” in order the leave a smaller carbon footprint.

    You have GOT to be kidding me.

    How are you not horrified by this? What part of that am I supposed to respect and applaud?

    I know my sister has chosen not to have children. I never said that we all have the God-given mandate to have as many children as possible. Some choose to have small families, and that is just fine. You know me better than that than to set up that sort of argument.

    But who, praytell, is she saving the earth for, if people are such pollutants?

    Yes, we are called to care for the earth, and there are plenty of ways to accomplish that. Killing off the unborn is not one of them.

  5. Oh, I so agree with you here. I’m all for a greener lifestyle and Christians being more conscious of their impact on the earth, but when a person aborts their own baby so they can purportedly reduce pollution and have more time to campaign for animal rights, somehow that just seems twisted to me. But what can we expect from people who do not even believe God exists?

    I say you have as many children as you want, and if all Christians would do the same while environmental extremists such as these people are not having any children then the result will be more kids raised in Christian families who value human life. Meanwhile, the people working to save the planet by not having children or aborting their “accidents” will eventually die off having hung themselves with their own rope. Hypothetically speaking, that is.

    I may be naive, but to me it seems incongruous for evolutionists (which I am not) to be so gung ho about saving anything be it plant, animal or whatever. (I think I am safe in assuming the people in the article you cited believe in evolution.) When a species dies off, regardless of the cause, it is just the evolutionary principle of survival of the fittest at work. Obviously, these species were not fit enough to survive. If one truly believes in evolution shouldn’t they see it this way? Just wondering.

    I’m ranting now. Sorry to do that in your comment section. At any rate, I just wanted you to know I agree with you.

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