Bad News, Good News

The bad news is that my family got hit with a cold and everyone is wiped out… including my sweet little newborn. They all sacked out early this evening, and I’m the only one up.

The good news is what you can do when you get THREE HOURS all to yourself!

I have (get this)
— WASHED my face (luxury!)
— exfoliated and masked my face (unheard of!)
— moisturized… I actually got to moisturize, people!

PLUS, I scrapbooked for about an hour, and planned out the rest of the pages for this year (I even got to print out all the fun captions for the pages!)

AND I finished up a Christmas present for a family member!


What did I do all those years when I had scads of free time? What did I waste it on?

I don’t know, but I’m thankful that everyone (including my beloved) fell asleep early tonight so I could get things done!

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